About Zip-It Opener


My name is Steve Fisher, the designer of the Zip-it Opener. I invented it because of the problem my mother had opening hard-plastic packaging. She was in her 80s and did not like using sharp knives and was not strong enough to use scissors (which don’t work anyway). None of us like opening these packages, and they were particularly hard for her. When ever I visited her, she had several waiting for me to open. I have cut myself and the product I was trying to open using exacto type knives. I wanted to find a safe and easy way for her to access the merchandise she was purchasing that came wrapped this way. I have been working on the problem for almost two years and am happy to offer you the Zip-it Opener as the solution. This is a family affair. My oldest daughter helped design the handle, and my youngest daughter and son-in-law are handling the operations and distribution.

The Zip-it Opener solved my mothers problem and it can solve yours too. It is as easy to open these tough packages as pressing a button and guiding the opener around the outside of the package. There are no rough or sharp edges left to worry about. It is powered by two AA batteries, and holding down the button will activate the rollers to easily open most hard shell packages. We know you will find this opener handy and easy to use.

What it is! This opener is designed to open Plastic Hard Shell packaging or Plastic Clam Shell packages. It wont open them all, but easily handles the majority.

What it is not! This device should not be used to cut anything but plastic clam shell packaging and paper envelopes. It is not to be used on metal, wire, cans or any other solid or hard material.

Safety Guard: On occasion, it might be necessary to remove the tinted plastic cover over the roller blades to cut the edge off hard shell plastic packaging due to their shape and size. Use extreme caution in this process as the blades are sharp and could cause bodily harm. The guard is removed by rotating it in a counter clockwise direction, and replaced by reversing this process.

2 AA Batteries (sold separately) power the opener. They are connected by lifting the top of the handle off and placing the batteries in the proper direction.

Please read the instructions and watch the video. They will give you tips on using the Zip-it Opener more effectively. The Opener will not cut through deeply grooved packaging, but you usually can get them open by following the advice in the manual. The basic idea is to avoid the corners! Cut into the package along the side and out again before encountering the corners. You then can usually go back and cut off the corners if necessary to remove your merchandise.

When used as described, the Zip-it Opener will give you years of dependable service. We have taken numerous measures in quality control to ensure that your Zip-it Opener arrives in top condition and will perform to your satisfaction. In the rare event that your Zip-it Opener is damaged, does not perform as specified or requires warranty service, please call our number to speak with one of us, or submit your questions via our web site www.zipitopener.com and one of our team will respond by e-mail to your questions. Our in-house service team will expedite delivery of your part, advise you on usage, or help troubleshoot a problem with you. If your product needs warranty service, we will help you obtain the fastest remedy possible under the warranty.

Wishing you happy and frustration free opening of your plastic hard shell packages,

Distributed by Karyl Enterprises, Inc., 1069 Stovall Road, Walla Walla, WA 99362
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