Arthritis – Zip-it Makes Life Easier

Posted by on 11 February, 2013

Arthritis is probably one of the most misunderstood diseases. We all have sore joints from time to time and those who do not have the disease assume it is just a bad case of joint soreness. What a tragedy for those who can hardly move, cannot use their hands effectively, and every day is a painful experience. It attacks the young as well as the older. We are Karyl Enterprises have been thrilled to hear how the Zip-it has helped those with arthritis to do important tasks such as open mail and access products sealed in hard plastic packages. To help people experience independence and accomplishment in being able take care of their own mail and purchases is very gratifying. My mother’s frustration in not being able to open the hard plastic packages is what drove me to develop the Zip-it in the first place. She was afraid to use a sharp knife for fear of injuring herself, and her hand strength was very compromised by arthritis. Let us know if you have found other areas that are difficult, maybe we can find a solution.

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