The Zip-it Opener aids Arthritis suffers open difficult Packages

Posted by on 7 April, 2013

Plastic packages are hard enough to open if you have strong hands and are careful.  Imagine how this problem intensifies when you have arthritis.  What if you cannot grip well and are afraid to use sharp instruments for fear of cutting yourself. All these are very real problems that we all face when we try and open the so called ‘blister packages’.  Everything from lightbulbs to cosmetics come sealed in these hard to open containers.  There is an easy and safe way to break into these Fort Knox packages – the Zip-it Opener.  It is a battery powered opener for these frustrating packages.  The large handle makes is easy to hold, and with the press of a button, the opener will zip the package open.  Give it a try.  The Zip-it Opener.

Wrap Rage solution for Arthritis Suffers

Posted by on 19 March, 2013

If you have difficulty holding scissors or letter openers to open your mail, the Zip-it Opener is the answer to your problem.  It is a problem solver.  It is a battery powered opener with a large easy to grip handle.  With the press of a button you are able to open your mail as well as the difficult hard plastic packages.  Give it a try, you will be relieved to find that you can now access your mail with easy.  It is safe and requires very little hand strength.  Give the Zip-it Opener a try, you will be glad you did.

Zip-it Opener Hard Plastic Opener Available in Australia

Posted by on 12 March, 2013
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Zip-it Opener Hard Plastic Opener Available in Australia

Zip-it Opener Hard Plastic Opener Available in Australia

The Zip-it Opener is now available in Australia through Amazon. The difficulty of opening hard plastic packages has been in the Australia news in recent weeks. The difficult of opening the frustrating packages and dangers from using the wrong tool has been discussed on the national news. The Zip-it Opener now makes these packages easy to open and safe as well. It is powered by two AA batteries and has a large easy to hold handle making it easy to operate. It requires little strength and leaves a smooth edge to the cut plastic. Save the frustration and bandades, use the Zip-it Opener. For the full story in Australia visit:

Zip-it Opener Solves Packaging Problem

Posted by on 1 March, 2013
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It is amazing to me how much attention is directed toward the difficulty opening the hard plastic packaging (also called the Blister Pack) that so many products come sealed in. It is evident by the attention that it gets , that a lot of people are bothered by it. It even has it own terminology. “Wrap Rage” There is solution, the Zip-it Opener. It will easily open most Blister Packaging if the included directions are followed. You must remove the translucent cover before starting, and use new batteries. The other trick is to not let it cut too deeply into the package. If the seal is not near the edge, it might take a couple of cuts down the sides to get to the seal, but it is safe and easy to use. It also leaves the edges smooth so you will not get cut by the packaging. It is hard to believe, but It actually makes these packages fun to open.

New Packaging to Monitor Food Freshness

Posted by on 28 February, 2013
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Zip-it Opener is all about defeating Wrap Rage and making it fun to open those crazy hard plastic packages, as a result we monitor the packaging industry. I was very interesting in a news release this week that Researchers at Eindhoven University of Technology have invented a circuit that makes it possible to monitor the freshness of food in the package. Expiration dates are only estimates, this new method will be more precise and make it possible to really know if the packaged food is fresh or not. It will possibly save fresh foods from being thrown out just because they have gone beyond their expiration date. For the full article:

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Zip-it Opener Makes Easy Work Opening Hard Plastic Packages

Posted by on 25 February, 2013
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The loss of independence is one of the hardest things that we all have to deal with as we face debilitating illnesses. Helping people to maintain as much of their independence as possible is one of the goals of our inventing the Zip-it Opener. My mother was depending on me to open the many products she purchased that came in the hard to open hard plastic packages. The Zip-it Opener was invented with her problem and dependence in mind. If you find yourself not purchasing products because of the plastic packaging, you can now feel free to purchase what you might need or want knowing that there is a simple and save way to open these packages.

Invisible Ailments

Posted by on 12 February, 2013
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A reporter for American Public Media is doing research for a report on ‘invisible medical conditions’ such as rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, and chronic fatigue syndrome. José Martinez, a reporter for KPCC, is looking for sufferers to volunteer information on these and other ailments that go relatively unnoticed by the general public even thought they are quite prevalent. You can help by contacting him at:

Arthritis – Zip-it Makes Life Easier

Posted by on 11 February, 2013

Arthritis is probably one of the most misunderstood diseases. We all have sore joints from time to time and those who do not have the disease assume it is just a bad case of joint soreness. What a tragedy for those who can hardly move, cannot use their hands effectively, and every day is a painful experience. It attacks the young as well as the older. We are Karyl Enterprises have been thrilled to hear how the Zip-it has helped those with arthritis to do important tasks such as open mail and access products sealed in hard plastic packages. To help people experience independence and accomplishment in being able take care of their own mail and purchases is very gratifying. My mother’s frustration in not being able to open the hard plastic packages is what drove me to develop the Zip-it in the first place. She was afraid to use a sharp knife for fear of injuring herself, and her hand strength was very compromised by arthritis. Let us know if you have found other areas that are difficult, maybe we can find a solution.

Zip-it Opener Delivers on Promise

Posted by on 11 March, 2011
Robert — just a note to show you we are on the ball.  Here I am in disguise in front of the Walla Walla Post Office with your package this morning.  I knew you would like a picture of the post office.  It turned into an eventful trip.  Across the street  was a portable restaurant selling some great food.  I was hunger, so I made friends fast –  the owner is named Andrae.    You inadvertently introduced me to a fun place to eat if he shows up again.
I know it is going to be tough without a working Zip-it, but have a fabulous weekend anyway.

Looking For Ways To Open Hard Plastic Packages?

Posted by on 11 March, 2011

Live would be easier if I could use a Zip-it.

Are you looking for ways to open hard plastic packages?  They are a hugh problem, but we have found a way.  The battery powered Zip-it Opener does it not by force, but by carefully cutting open the package from the side.  Pressing one button on the large easy to grip handle activates the roller blades to effortlessly open the package. The battery power of the Zip-it does all the work.   Anyone with arthritis will find this product a life saver for opening their mail and hard plastic bubble packages.  Feel liberated, you can now purchase those products that are packaged in those hard to open packages.  You can now open them easily with the Zip-it Opener.  You no longer have to worry about using sharp knives or scissors that are difficult to hold.  The Zip-it offers you a safe and easy to use opener for those difficult plastic packages and for opening your mail.  This cow is looking, but unfortunately, cannot use a Zip-it.