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The Zip-it Opener aids Arthritis suffers open difficult Packages

Posted by on 7 April, 2013

Plastic packages are hard enough to open if you have strong hands and are careful.  Imagine how this problem intensifies when you have arthritis.  What if you cannot grip well and are afraid to use sharp instruments for fear of cutting yourself. All these are very real problems that we all face when we try […]

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Wrap Rage solution for Arthritis Suffers

Posted by on 19 March, 2013

Easily open mail and plastic packages

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Arthritis – Zip-it Makes Life Easier

Posted by on 11 February, 2013

Arthritis is probably one of the most misunderstood diseases. We all have sore joints from time to time and those who do not have the disease assume it is just a bad case of joint soreness. What a tragedy for those who can hardly move, cannot use their hands effectively, and every day is a […]

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Looking For Ways To Open Hard Plastic Packages?

Posted by on 11 March, 2011

Are you looking for ways to open hard plastic packages?  They are a hugh problem, but we have found a way.  The battery powered Zip-it Opener does it not by force, but by carefully cutting open the package from the side.  Pressing one button on the large easy to grip handle activates the roller blades […]

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