This product does exactly what it is designed and engineered to do. I could not believe the ease in opening sealed plastic products. The Zipit Opener functions flawlessly.

Watson L.

We saw this on “I want that” on the DIY network. We had to try it! It truly works! Would highly recommend.


Sometimes it is tough to fight around the lapped over corners of plastic packages, but always cuts through will a little push. Battery has lasted over a year, and still going great.

NJ tradesman

This product is so great. I saw it on HGTV. I even had to call the manufacture the first time because I couldn’t figure out how to get batteries into it. I felt so stupid once he told me. He was very patient with me. I ordered one for myself and my friend, and just reordered another one for my Mom. I’ve used it several times and it has been wonderful. No more cutting my hand or struggling with cutting open a plastic package.


Anyone that has difficulty opening a blister pack sealed item needs to purchase this tool!
Don’t waste time trying to use your scissors or a knife. Just run this along the edge of the package and its opened in no time.