Voted Zipit Blister Pack/Clamshell Opener #1

Posted by on 30 June, 2010
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Zipit Blister Pack / Clamshell Opener
Best Automatic Blister Pack / Clamshell Opener (an award winning web site for evaluating products we use every day) awarded the Zipit Opener the “Best” Blister Pack/Clamshell Opener for hard plastic packaging.  To quote the site:

“Why it’s the best: The Zipit Blister Pack/Clamshell Opener is powered by two AA batteries, the motorized Zipit makes fast work of even the toughest and nastiest packaging.  You just position it on the edge and push a button and it does all the work.  As one user put it, it’s like an electric can opener for blister packs.  And as the manufacturer says, it totally eliminates “wrap rage.”  It’s also perfect for slicing open heavy cardboard mailers and padded shipping envelopes.”

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