Looking For Ways To Open Hard Plastic Packages?

Posted by on 11 March, 2011

Live would be easier if I could use a Zip-it.

Are you looking for ways to open hard plastic packages?  They are a hugh problem, but we have found a way.  The battery powered Zip-it Opener does it not by force, but by carefully cutting open the package from the side.  Pressing one button on the large easy to grip handle activates the roller blades to effortlessly open the package. The battery power of the Zip-it does all the work.   Anyone with arthritis will find this product a life saver for opening their mail and hard plastic bubble packages.  Feel liberated, you can now purchase those products that are packaged in those hard to open packages.  You can now open them easily with the Zip-it Opener.  You no longer have to worry about using sharp knives or scissors that are difficult to hold.  The Zip-it offers you a safe and easy to use opener for those difficult plastic packages and for opening your mail.  This cow is looking, but unfortunately, cannot use a Zip-it.

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