Over 25,000 Injuries Related to Cutting Plastic Packages

Posted by on 18 May, 2010
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Since 2004, more than 25,000 people have reported being injured while opening hard plastic packages (sometimes called clamshells), according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.  They report the injuries are not caused by the hard plastic casings themselves, but by the implements people use to open them.  If you use knives or scissors to open clamshell packages you have a very real risk of injury.  Our Zip-it opener offers a much safer option!  Watch our demonstration videos to see just how safe and easy the Zip-it is to use.  You press a button and the opener easily opens the packages without the danger of injury.  Also, unlike scissors and knives, the Zip-it Opener leaves a smooth edge to the plastic – safe to the touch.  Don’t be another statistic!

Don’t cut it, Zip-it!

Click for a great ABC report on the subject.

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