Zip-it Opener Solves Packaging Problem

Posted by on 1 March, 2013
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It is amazing to me how much attention is directed toward the difficulty opening the hard plastic packaging (also called the Blister Pack) that so many products come sealed in. It is evident by the attention that it gets , that a lot of people are bothered by it. It even has it own terminology. “Wrap Rage” There is solution, the Zip-it Opener. It will easily open most Blister Packaging if the included directions are followed. You must remove the translucent cover before starting, and use new batteries. The other trick is to not let it cut too deeply into the package. If the seal is not near the edge, it might take a couple of cuts down the sides to get to the seal, but it is safe and easy to use. It also leaves the edges smooth so you will not get cut by the packaging. It is hard to believe, but It actually makes these packages fun to open.

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